Modernity’s essential derangement

The essential derangement of modernity is the cult of the totally autonomous superman, whose relentless will-to-power is the only point of reference for evaluating the moral and the true. Since “injustice” in this world view simply means whatever restricts or limits the superman’s all-creating will, it follows that such restrictions must be destroyed, together with those who would impose them, who take on the role of sewer-dwelling boogeyman in the modern ethos. It’s a short leap from there to viewing that act of destruction as possessing a supernatural character, i.e., as restoring the supernatural order of justice which is disfigured by that tyrant called nature: hence, The Sacrament of Abortion.



There’s no getting around it: the Second Vatican Council of the Roman Catholic Church was strange.

It was called in strange circumstances, evidently at the whim of then-Pope John XXIII, without any of the pressing exigencies that normally prompt such a move.

The history of its unfolding was strange, characterized as it was by a vicious war between enormous personalities both inside and outside the Church.

Its aftermath was strange, loosing a reformational fervor that, within a generation, had left virtually no facet of the lived reality of the faith untouched.

And the place which it continues to occupy in the Magisterium of the Church is strange, ambiguous, and a subject of continuing discussion.

I am a relatively young American man, a recent convert to Catholicism, trying to come to terms with the reality of this strange Council which still looms so large in the life of the Church. What happened? What do we make of it? Where do we go from here? I don’t know and I doubt any authoritative answers will come in my lifetime. But this blog represents my own little contribution to the discussion.

I hope that others may benefit from reading these musings, meager as they are, and perhaps enrich me with your own. May the Immaculate Heart of Mary protect me from sin, harm, and error of every sort as I begin this undertaking.