The purpose of this blog is to help me organize my thoughts regarding the Second Vatican Council as I study it, and, while I don’t anticipate receiving too many comments in general, I must insist on running a tight ship in the comments section nonetheless, in order not to have the discussion chased down any of various rat holes.

Thus, I ask potential commenters to observe the following rules:

1. Absolutely no blasphemy of any sort will be permitted. This means no derogatory or crude statements concerning Our Lord, his Blessed Mother, the saints, or the Church generally. Any such statements will be deleted immediately and the offender will be banned from commenting for life.

2. Piety is to be observed at all times toward our shepherds. Disapproval of this-or-that statement or action by a cleric (from the lowliest deacon to the Holy Father himself) is one thing, crudity and haughtiness toward them is quite another; the latter will not be tolerated. I will be marginally more forgiving in this regard because I am sensible of my own occasional frustrations toward them, but gratuitously extreme offenses, or repeat offenses, may merit a ban from future commenting.

3. For that matter, charity toward other commenters is expected. Snark of the slightest sort will be deleted promptly, as will crudity or insults. Repeat offenders may, at my discretion, be barred from future commenting. Let arguments stand or fall on their merits.

4. Irrelevant comments will not be published. By “irrelevant comments,” I mean advertisements, solicitations, and irrelevant links or links submitted without comments explaining their relevance (e.g., “this article might be relevant to the topic at hand”). Moreover, I would ask that non-Catholics respect that this is not an apologetics blog. Inquiries concerning Christianity generally or Catholicism specifically are probably better directed elsewhere, but they may be directed to me via the contact form; I will do my best to answer them or at least to send inquirers in the right direction.

4. Contrary viewpoints are generally unwelcome. By “contrary viewpoints” I mean disputations of theism generally or Catholicism specifically from atheists or non-Catholics, respectively, or else disputations concerning the assumptions on which this blog operates. I am not interested in a free exchange of ideas but in advancing my inquiry regarding the Second Vatican Council, so I ask that commenters limit themselves to that.

5. Corrections are encouraged, particularly when I am wrong on crucial details. As a general rule, I will simply correct minor errors and omissions (e.g., misspellings), but major errors such as misattributions will be corrected by footnote.


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