Conciliar Texts

Listed below are links to the texts of the documents of the Second Vatican Council, in the order of their promulgation. Links are provided both to the original, authoritative Latin texts and to their English translations. Translations in other languages, including Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, and Chinese can be found at the Web site of the Vatican Archives here.

  • Inter Mirifica, Decree on the Media of Social Communications. 4 December 1962. [English] [Latin]
  • Sacrosanctum Concilium, Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy. 4 December 1962. [English] [Latin]
  • Lumen Gentium, Dogmatic Constitution on the Church. 21 November 1964. [English] [Latin]
  • Orientalium Ecclesiarum, Decree on the Catholic Churches of the Eastern Rite. 21 November 1964. [English] [Latin]
  • Unitatis Redintegratio, Decree on Ecumenism. 21 November 1964. [English] [Latin]
  • Christus Dominus, Decree Concerning the Pastoral Office of Bishops in the Church. 28 October 1965. [English] [Latin]
  • Gravissimum Educationis, Declaration on Christian Education. 28 October 1965. [English] [Latin]
  • Nostra Aetate, Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions. 28 October 1965. [English] [Latin]
  • Optatam Totius, Decree on Priestly Training. 28 October 1965. [English] [Latin]
  • Perfectae Caritatis, Decree on the Adaptation and Renewal of Religious Life. 28 October 1965. [English] [Latin]
  • Apostolicam Actuositatem, Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity. 18 November 1965. [English] [Latin]
  • Dei Verbum, Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation. 18 November 1965. [English] [Latin]
  • Ad Gentes, Decree on the Missionary Activity of the Church. 7 December 1965. [English] [Latin]
  • Dignitatis Humanae, Declaration on Religious Freedom. 7 December 1965. [English] [Latin]
  • Gaudium et Spes, Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World. 7 December 1965. [English] [Latin]
  • Presbyterorum Ordinis, Decree on the Ministry and Life of Priests. 7 December 1965. [English] [Latin]

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